Portrait of the Composer Mikhail Glinka by Ilya Repin

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Portrait of the Composer Mikhail Glinka by Ilya Repin

Painting NamePortrait of the Composer Mikhail Glinka
Painter NameIlya Repin
Completion Date1887
Current LocationThe Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow Russian Federation)

The well-known Russian composer, Mikhail Glinka lived in early 19th century is thinking a composition for the celebrated Russia Opera Ruslan and Lyudmila (his second best known opera after “A Life of the Tsar”) which was based on the epic fairy tale poem by Alexander Pushkin. He was an influential composer in Russian music and led the famous band called “The Five” creating new music styles.

Ilya Repin’s depiction of this legendary man shows him in a royal manner. He has calm, deep and tranquil expressions on his face as if have indulged in the thoughts to create a good music piece for the fairy tale opera. The opera was parted in six songs. Although, the writer of the fairy tale was drunk at the time of writing the poem and completed it in just less than fifteen minutes, Mikhail Glinka took his time and sane mind to make one of his best reputed music pieces.

Oftentimes called as the “Father of the Russian Classical Music”, Ilya Repin gives the persona his stance, grandeur and level in the painting.


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