Ships Entering a Port in a Storm by Theodor Alexander Weber

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Ships Entering a Port in a Storm by Theodor Alexander Weber

Painting NameShips Entering a Port in a Storm
Painter NameTheodor Alexander Weber
Size89.5 x 149.9 cm (35.24" x 4' 11.02")
Current LocationPrivate collection

What we see here is one of the natural calamities attacking people. It is a sheer and very true depiction of such real scenario. Artist has put a lot of effort to make us realize that against such life-or-death situations a single man is nothing more than a helpless person.

The power of unity shows up particularly in this situation, where a person can’t do much than screaming for help. In the picture, people at the port are trying help the ships. They are pulling the ships with big ropes, so it can be steadily anchored at the port and everyone can get down safely.

But, you must remember that this was a time, when there were no helicopters or air-aids available and in this kind of situation you have only one way to reach to safe-land and that is by anchoring your ship safely to the port. But, as you can see, the madly roaring sea is not in the mood to let it happen easily. So, it was pretty unlucky thing to be trapped in this situation. Even today, with all that helicopters one can’t guarantee about the safety.

So, artist has recorded here a natural phenomenon which was much more lethal in back in the days due to lack of the advanced saving techniques. The maximum help from the ground someone could give is the one represented here.

Now you can imagine the scared, horrified minds of people on both sides. On one hand people could die easily and on the other hand other people are witnessing the homicide.

But, obviously the painter wouldn’t want to just show the horrific effects of the scenario because it is obvious in such cases.

What I see as the purpose of painting the scene is depicting the kind nature of humans. That’s how human society survives – by helping each other and progressing harmoniously. And this scene could represent that affinity greatly as one side could choose not help the sufferers. But, they choose to help them out. And that’s the essence of human-kind – being helpful to each other.





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