Still Life: Vase with Fifteen sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh

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Painting NameStill life: Vase with Fifteen sunflowers
Painter NameVincent Van Gogh
Completion Date1888
Place of CreationArles, France
Size92.1 cm × 73 cm (36.2 in × 28.7 in)
Current LocationNational Gallery London

Among the many series of self-portraits, family members, peasants, still-life, cypresses and farmers there, he produced a series of sunflowers proclaiming:

“You may know that the peony is Jeannin’s, the hollyhock belongs to Quost, but the sunflower is mine in a way.”

The current still-life painting is from the same series being as the forth version of the sunflowers. He painted it while his stay in Arles in 1888 just two years before his death. His fascination towards sunflowers was due to his intention to decorate his house just before his beloved friend Paul Gauguin (the same friend with whom he had the infamous fight) intended to come at his house for some times.

There is his signature visible on the left side of the vase as ‘Vincent”.

Though, in his time, the series didn’t rewarded him much but some admiration just like other works. In 1987, nearly 100 years after his death, Japanese insurance magnate Yasuo Goto paid 25 million pounds for the painting, making the record breaking deal for any art-work at the time.

Such a bad luck for Van Gogh. He allegedly shot himself due to thinking of his life as a failure and after 100 years, his one painting gained significant amount which could be enough for him for rest of his life.



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