Still Life with Gladioli by Felix Vallotton

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Still Life with Gladioli by Felix Vallotton

Painting NameStill Life with Gladioli
Painter NameFelix Vallotton
Completion Date1924
Current LocationMusee Cantonal des Beaux-Arts (Lausanne Switzerland)

To me, this simple depiction of a bed-table represents a small part of a couple which has lived more than 40 years of their married life happily. Liberating from the everyday chores at the twilight of life, they have now time for each other.

No. I am not saying this out of blue. There is a strong base to interpret in that way.

Here, I found the three objects of the painting as the symbols of a happy life. The flowers of Gladioli are considered as the 40th wedding anniversary flower in culture. They represent the qualities like integrity and infatuation in relationships. Could be the placement of these flowers in a house suggests the successful marriage or are those just random flowers? There is very less possibility that the adept painter like Felix Vallotton would not know the backstory of the flowers while he was giving his precious time in painting them.

Now, the book can be imagined as an unfinished read and the landscape scene as a long view on the life. It depends on the moment.

Though, interpretations of any art-piece at every person could differ. Some finds, great depths in plain colors and some can’t gather anything from a vivid depiction of historical paintings. As they say, beauty is in viewer’s eyes!



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