Still Life with Peonies and Morning Glory by Margaretha Roosenboom

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Still Life with Peonies and Morning Glory by Margaretha Roosenboom-Watercolour Painting Very well-known for her still life paintings of flower, Dutch painter Margaretha Roosenboom’s works has been adored by many. One of her excellent works was sold for more than $ 100,000 which makes us realize that excellent works of still-life could have much more worth than the expected, if it finds the right admirer.

Painting NameStill Life with Peonies and Morning Glory
Painter NameMargaretha Roosenboom
Size40 x 64 cm (15¾" x 25.2")
TechniquePencil, Watercolour
Current LocationPrivate collection

In this particular work, Margaretha has depicted Peonies and morning glory, peonies being the whitish-pink ones, while the small ones are the morning glories. Their depictions are accurate to real-life with relative perspective. The branches of both flowers are also very precise to the real-life branches.

Margaretha’s choice of flowers to paint is understandable due to any woman’s feminine part of mind, which man’s mind lacks with great quantity. Generally, women get affected with tender and soft things like flowers more instantly and deeply. Thus, able to represent that affection on canvas Margaretha have extruded a woman’s tender nature on the canvas.


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