Terpischore by William Edward Frost

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Terpischore by William Edward Frost (British Painting)

Painting NameTerpischore
Painter NameWilliam Edward Frost
Size28 x 33 cm (11.02" x 12.99")
Current LocationPrivate collection

William Frost, an English painter from Victorian era, has depicted the mythological figure of Terpischore in the current portrayal.

In Greek mythology, Terpischore is one of the nine Muses who are the goddesses of literation, science and arts with different departments allocated to each of them. Terpischore possess the knowledge of dance and dramatic chorus. Even the meaning of her name is “delight in dancing” and her emblem is a lyre.

William Frost has represented the same figure in a different angle of sensuality and love in this oil-on-paper painting. The heart-shaped emblem which she seems to playing with her fingers is the symbol of the intimacy she desires to have. The shy face with downward eyes consist the feminine demure. It is very poetic depiction of the scene and a fine combination of two fantasies which has always allured men.


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