The Cherry Thieves by Fritz Zuber-Buhler

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The Cherry Thieves by Fritz Zuber-Buhler

Painting NameThe Cherry Thieves
Painter NameFritz Zuber-Buhler
Size33.7 x 25.4 cm (13.27" x 10")
Current LocationPrivate collection

This is an oil-on-canvas genre painting by Fritz Zuber-Buhler, the famous artist of Switzerland, who later moved Paris for artistic glory. In his lifetime, he has done some great artworks, which got admiration from various cities in which he exhibited his artworks.

Mainly, he drew women presenting carnally and small children with innocent and angelic forms. His every painting has some kind of similarity in form of delicacy and otherworldly beauty. It was like he had his own world in his paintings and every character he illustrated were coming out of the same imaginary world. He had a certain style of imagination, which was the mixture of real and mythological world.

Here is another example of his beautiful artworks. Well, apparently there is no mythology instilled in it. But the simple characters are surely looking distinguishably beautiful and hard to find in real-life. Being very tender and soft, the little girls attract our mind instantly.

The act of filching is illustrated in a very dramatic manner. We can almost imagine the entire story behind this particular scene of western rural culture. The little thieves invading into the old lady’s land and eating up all the cherries. The lady trying to scare away them by a stick with no intention to harm. The heart of the painting is telling us a hidden story which displays the innocent nature of people of the era. I think, Buhler was trying to show the essential kind nature of people in rural England in his times, when a villagers were living like a big family.

The smart demonstration of characters keep us wanting to know more about the happening. Where they all captured and got punished? Or all of them got away with their berries? It’s guessing game, but artist has succeeded at connecting the viewer instantly with the anecdote.

At the end, painting leaves an impact on viewer’s mind with its soothing colors, extensive details and the blooming environment.



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