The Crown of Roses by Jules Scalbert

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The Crown of Roses by Jules Scalbert-French Painting French artist Jules Scalbert known for his angelic depictions of women seems very much attracted towards the feminine subjects. Most of his works puts women in seductive or sensual ways. But the present portrayal goes off the track from his own theme.

Painting NameThe Crown of Roses
Painter NameJules Scalbert
Size130.4 x 97.2 cm (4' 3.34" x 3' 2.27")
Current LocationPrivate collection

Here The Crown of Roses portrays three women sitting in a heavenly garden probably from the 19th century. One of them is sitting while the two others are putting a crown of rose on the sitter’s head making her the queen of the group. It represents the women’s side which hasn’t grown up and still lives in the child-hood fantasies when they would play in gardens proclaiming themselves as queens. This innocent child’s play is still living in the painting.

I think, painting doesn’t always tell a secret story or are depicted for some esoteric reasons or are allegoric portrayals of some mysterious meanings.  Sometimes, they are portrayed just to enjoy the beauty, to see the subject with more clearly and nearly and appraise the artist for the creation. This portrayal of three ladies is, in my thinking, such a depiction which is intended to enjoy rather than to understand.


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