The first step by Eugenio Zampighi

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The first step by Eugenio Zampighi

Painting NameThe first step
Painter NameEugenio Zampighi
Size73.7 x 105.4 cm (29.02" x 41½")
Current LocationPrivate collection

The very realist looking painting produced by a skilled Italian painter is filled with motherly love and the symbolism to support the same affection.

A mother is supporting her child while he tries to make his very first steps. The grandmother as being the receiver of the first time stepping child looks extremely happy by seeing her grandson taking the first steps. It gives her incomparable joy as she is encouraging her grandson to come near her. After enjoying the whole life by different experiences and ceremonies, now the old woman- just like any other old person- seeks for the warmth of the relations. She only desires the happiness and the love which she can only get from her family and acquaintances. Thus, having another person to share the love in a form of her grandchildren just makes her wrinkly face smile.

The mother instead has some conscious emotions compared to the grandma. She is also very happy to see her child taking the first steps. As the backdrop hints that it is not her first child, but still she is seems in the ecstasy of motherhood, satisfied watching her child growing.

Maternity is an experience which can’t be described in words. The child in the middle has become the symbol of both ladies’ motherhood. They both have left doing there works to see the child taking the first steps.

Other symbols the artist has smartly inserted are the baby birds strolling on the floor. They resemble the childhood. Another similar element is the portrait of Madonna and Child on the wall. It could reflect the love between a child and a mother as divine as the mother Merry and Jesus. This oil-on-canvas depiction presenting a very pivotal point in both the mother and child’s life make us to jump into the scene filled with happiness and true feelings.


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