The Garden Party by Harry Watson

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The Garden Party by Harry Watson

Painting NameThe Garden Party
Painter NameHarry Watson
Size71 x 91 cm (27.95" x 35.83")
Current LocationPrivate collection

Children finds fun in anything their heart sits upon. They don’t have the biases or prejudices in their minds like an adult carries all the time on almost every topic. Anything which pleases their mind could be their central and most important activity of any given time. This extraordinary ability of enjoying the present moments makes childhood desirable to the grown-ups.

This portrayal offers the same desirable and innocent childhood everyone had once. The three siblings are enjoying their morning tea party sitting in a garden. They have gathered up everything for a proper party, a clean white floor mate, the crockery with food in them and some playing balls to have some fun in the garden. That’s enough for them to enjoy their morning. They don’t seem to worry about expensive food in golden dishes or the royal dining tables. Their companionship with each other seems enough for them. Even a hat is put inattentively aside.

The girl in white dress lightly resting her arm on her small sister’s back is the biggest child with more of a mature attitude. As if she is playing the mature role in the party. The small girl is curiously looking at what her brother is doing. Though, as the boy’s back is on us we can’t say anything surely but probably he is about to take a sip from his tea-cup.

These kind of activities helps to improve relations between kids. And it is being presented here very well. Different types of parties (garden party, tea party, etc.), Hunt the Fox, Hopscotch, Bad Egg, Blind Man’s Bluff, Cops and Robbers, Hot Potato or Simon Says these are just some names of the old games children used to play (some are still being played but not as much as before). These games put children out in the natural environment improving their physical and mental health as well as relations with other kids. Unfortunately, nowadays, even when we see children in gardens more and more children’s heads looks hid in Nintendos and PlayStations. In some of the big countries the banning of cartoons and some game consoles has already been applied as children chooses to pass their time just watching the TV instead playing outside. Playing computer games is not a bad thing in a way, but it would be preferable if there is a balance between different activities.

It is wonderful that how a piece of art makes us remember so many things and introduces us with some areas of life which we have left in the past and never remembered again. Carl Schwininger has made us remember such glorious memory.


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