The Kiss by Gustav Klimt


February 17, 201420th Century WesternNo comments

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The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

Painting NameThe Kiss
Painter NameGustav Klimt
Completion Date1909
Size180 cm × 180 cm
Techniqueoil and gold leaf
Current LocationÖsterreichische Galerie Belvedere Vienna

The Kiss is Gustav Klimt’s most famous painting from his whole career and also from his ‘golden period’ during which he used real gold and silver leaf in his paintings.

The artist’s recent sensual works before The Kiss acquired him the title of enfant terrible, meaning the terrible child. A term used for the geniuses who have the unorthodox views towards the conventional wisdom. The Kiss isn’t especially sensual. Instead, it was well reviewed by the viewers and gained the artist some more reputation during his golden time. Though for his other scrutinized works he famously quoted, “If you can not please everyone with your deeds and your art, please a few”.

The painting represents a couple busy in romantic apogee of sensual pleasure. The man in the long robe is kissing the woman on a cheek in tight clothes. The only apparent face is the woman’s whose expressions relay the emotions of selfless, submissive apex of being with the beloved one.

The composition of the scene is also as simple as the depicted moment. The couple is sitting on the edge of a garden while the other area is painted in greenish-yellow tint to reflect the joyous minds of the couple. There isn’t any extra or unnecessary element in the painting.

The linear depiction was much celebrated of the artist in his time when styles like Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts movement was on the rise. Signature of the artist “Gustav Klimt” is found on the lower right hand of the canvas.

The oil on canvas painting (with gold leaf) was made in 1909 and currently hangs in Österreichische Galerie Belvedere, Vienna.


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