The Pet Rabbit by Emile Vernon

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The Pet Rabbit by Emile Vernon The depiction of three girls with cute little dappled pet-rabbit is a work of a French artist, Emile Vernon, who was revered for his depictions of female figures. In here, the models are small girl. Still, his mastery on feminine figures can be perceived in the girls’ effeminate elegance.

Painting NameThe Pet Rabbit
Painter NameEmile Vernon
Completion Date1915
Size64.77 x 53.975 cm (25½" x 21¼")
Current LocationPrivate collection

This is a perfect picture to put in any teenage girl’s room as it consist the elements which a little girl would adore. The garden in the back looks blossomed and full of greenery. The freshness of the tree can be seen in the vibrant colors.

The three girls standing in middle looks chubby and cute. They are mesmerized towards the cuteness of the rabit which looks more interested in the carrot. The joy of having a pet is indescribable. It feels like you own something important which is your responsibility. Thus, the pet gives you a little sense of parenthood.

Though, the girls seem very pleasant by owning a rabbit in their possession and artist’s intention to represent a merry-looking portrayal gets accomplished satisfyingly.


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