The Proposal by Charles Joseph Frederick Soulacroix

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The Proposal by Charles Joseph Frederick Soulacroix-Oil Painting Portraying many version of the The Proposal French painter Charles Joseph Fredrick Soulacroix has depicted with new angle of the same sequence. This time the man is sitting beside the woman resting on a net-swing with some dominance over the scene.

Painting NameThe Proposal
Painter NameCharles Joseph Frederick Soulacroix
Size72.4 x 81.3 cm (28½" x 32.01")
Current LocationPrivate collection

As the man is proposing the lady for marriage he is almost bent over towards her in affection and impulse. He has come in a gentleman’s attire with a hat and maybe with many rehearsals. His hat took off his hat as showing respect to his desired-one.  But contradictory, with an inherent pleasure in mind, the lady is not looking at the man, as if she is not caring much about the proposal. She seems enjoying more her swing and the hand-fan in a lazy manner as her gown has fallen down carelessly. Though, the concerned emotions of the man shows he is now a little bit worried about his proposal.

Artist’s other versions of the proposal also have depicted the ladies enjoying the moment deeply while the men are always leaned towards the goddesses of beauty. It is a very interesting point in human’s life as it becomes a pivotal stand when you decide your life-partner and also an enjoyable moment when all men have to gather courage for the proposal while all the women gets their heart’s wish to be desirables fulfilled. Maybe this represents the man’s only weakness. He always falls for a beautiful woman at least for once in his lifetime.


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