The Snowball Fight by George Augustsus Williams

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The Snowball Fight by George Augustsus Williams

Painting NameThe Snowball Fight
Painter NameGeorge Augustsus Williams
Completion Date1862
Size107.3 x 61 cm (3' 6.24" x 24.02")
Current LocationPublic collection


Painted back in mid-19th century, The Snowball Fight is a painting produced by an English artist George Williams, whose vivid imagination of a wintery day has been poured down on a canvas with great integrity.

Just like the real scene, in painting everything has been covered by a white theme of snow and the greenery of trees and grass is not visible at all. In such cold times, some kids are playing the snow ball fight in the middle of a road. That’s a great joy. Children always find joy in any situation.

The area is from an English town on a general day. Right behind the playing children, a horse wagon is standing with some loading. It describes the fact that the immense cold may have stopped the rivers from flowing or have frozen the lakes that people can walk on them. But, the general life has not stopped. It is going on as it is supposed to be. In fact, the unbearable cold is not forbidding the kids from coming out. They are actually enjoying the weather which has made the trees seem to be life less creatures.

The philosophy inherent in the scene is may be that the essence of joy is not in being in the perfect situations. It is may be about creating the situations you are comfortable with. And the kids here are naturally living by that rule, deriving fun out of the cold weather which many people don’t like due to the inconvenience felt during the season. Artist has depicted the scene using oil on canvas which gives its own advantages of sharp detailing and more color intensity than other mediums.

Any scene of a general life may seem so mundane at first glance, but if we give it enough time and thoughts we could always derive some meanings to think and learn about. You should be just seeking for it.


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