The Village Fair by Vincenzo Irolli

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The Village Fair by Vincenzo Irolli

Painting NameThe Village Fair
Painter NameVincenzo Irolli
Size69.9 x 50.2 cm (27.52" x 19.76")
Current LocationPrivate collection

Having the characteristics of impressionism, painting is a work done by the Italian painter Vincenzo Irolli born in mid-19th century. It is a highly colorful portrayal of a scene from a village fair.The scene contains the core objective of any fair, pure joy. A lady-seller, a wandering woman, a mother pulling her child from the not-her-aged Ferris-wheel with sits in shape of horses, some people chatting in the backdrop and a man selling his balloons is just a small joyous portion of the whole village fair which the artist may have attended to depict the paintings.

Paintings consists all the happenings of a fair. There are always some children who want more toys or want to ride on the rides which are not suitable for them. There are also some people who just came to enjoy and wander watching other people. And are also some people who just want a place to gather with acquaintances and have some chats, not caring about the rest of the fair. And lastly there would be definitely the people whose livelihoods are based upon the fairs like the girl in the front and the balloon-man in the back.

Irolli have portrayed all of them with different angles, grace and intentions. Everyone has their own importance in the picture. Thought, the leading position of the lady with extremely happy expressions could be interpreted as the representative figure of the fair. Means, people who go into fairs are obviously happy but the people, who try to sell some things, could have good or bad days. But she looks, satisfyingly beatific. This emphasizes the importance of such fairs at any places. It gives an auspicious environment to people and an energetic halt from the routine life. By looking into the fair by this little ‘window’, we remember ourselves going into a fair last time.


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