The Young Sheep Tenders by Hubert Salentin

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The Young Sheep Tenders by Hubert Salentin-German Painting The young sheep tender is a painting by a German painter from early 19th century. Being a blacksmith for 14 years, Hubert Salentin’s hands have not become so hard that he can’t paint the delicacy of the adolescents and the little lamb. He mostly painted the rural beauties depicting the natural contents in his paintings which are being polluted in present times.

Painting NameThe Young Sheep Tenders
Painter NameHubert Salentin
Size66.7 x 79.4 cm (26.26" x 31.26")
Current LocationPrivate collection

Here, the young sheep tenders look very calm and peaceful. The young boy has as a young shepherd at the twilight. The girl standing beside him is looking away in vain, but is more interested in completing her knitting which looks like a sleeve of a sweater. It could be for her for the boy who seems like his brother. The sheep and the lamb are maybe just a portion of the full horde of the sheep.

Here I see a little connection between the characters. The boy is sitting silently there with keeping an eye on the horde. The sheep-horde is the main source of the wool out of which girl is knitting the sweater for his brother. So, this dependence and adherence for each other is mainly apparent in the picture.

The deliberately cool environment in gives the scene much more comfortable appearance as the twilight being the perfect time for taking sheep in the meadows.



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