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This week was predominated with the major buying and selling of the art-pieces including a painting of Andy Warhol. The major auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christy made more than $400 million in a single week. Also, there has been conducted a research in which a DNA test might confirm the identity of Mona Lisa.

Let’s have a look at the numbers generated by paintings this week.

The much known painter Andy Warhol made paintings with such unique styles which generated a totally new style in arts – pop art. He made many big paintings and even after his death, his art-works are still immensely popular. The latest proof is his painting, of Chinese Chairman Mao.

Mao Tse Tung by Andy Warhol

Mao Tse Tung by Andy Warhol

This painting has fetched 7.6 million pounds in a recent auction at London held by Sotheby. It was sold just for 421,500 in 2000. Another big selling in the same auction was Gerhard Richter’s abstract painting, Wand (Wall). It went for 17.4 million pound.

Wand (Wall) by Gerhard Richter

Wand (Wall) by Gerhard Richter (1994)

Sotheby and Christy’s collective selling in this week exceeds the mark of $400 million ($413 million to be exact).

Lucien Freud, an expressionist artist who recently gained popularity by the big selling of his triptych had another selling. “Head on a Green Sofa” made $4.9 million.

Head on a Green Sofa by Lucien Freud

Head on a Green Sofa by Lucien Freud (1961)

People don’t leave Mona Lisa alone. They will never do it. Because, Mona Lisa is the favourite subject to talk about or speculate a theory in art world. It easily makes you gain some limelight.

People have speculated about Mona Lisa being pregnant, use of over 30 layers of paint and Mona Lisa being da vinci’s self portrait and speculations even about whether Mona Lisa had high cholesterol at the time of the painting.

Though, most studies follows scientific route. The latest research includes a DNA research to confirm the model’s identity, which has varied belief of being a merchant’s wife, a man, Leonardo himself or one of Leonardo’s pupils. They will test the bones which are said to be the bones of the model of Mona Lisa.

The bones are allegedly belongs to Lisa Gherardini, a Florentine noblewoman.

That’s it for this week’s happenings.

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