Traditional Bangle Seller by Gopal Khetanchi

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Traditional Bangle Seller by Gopal Khetanchi-Genre Painting

Painting NameTraditional Bangle Seller
Painter NameGopal Khetanchi

This colorific portrayal of traditional Indian bazaar has been endowed by an award-winner artist Gopal Khetanchi. He was born in Rajasthan, India. Rajasthan is a beautiful land of rocky forts, big deserts and unparalleled Rajput women. Gopal Khetanchi’s all major works confluences these major elements of Rajasthan with his fine sense of detail and realism.

In this genre art, there is a depiction of a traditional Indian bazaar. In old times (even now in some rural parts of India), there were big traditional bazaars or fairs would take place in every major cities. People would arrive in waves in these kinds of big bazaars. Thus, it would become very much crowded and jam-packed but much more alive place with happy folks.

The art work represents one of the bangle sellers of such market. In Indian culture, Bangles are a symbol of marriage, love and prosperity. Thus, women buying them are obviously excited and fascinated. They buy it with such affection and possession, it’s like nothing else can give them such joy and happiness than wearing bangles.

Mr Khetanchi has nicely accomplished illustrating the joyous excitement and affection of women on their beautiful faces. We can almost imagine them bargaining with the seller about the price. The vary poses of women and variety of colors of their saris with fine details adds dimension of realism in it. This kind of liveliness is a hard substance to establish with mere colors and paint on lifeless canvas. And that is the fundamental capability of any good artist.

Overall, in this Desi painting, the perfect postures of the characters, various vibrant colors and sheer realism demonstrates a lively fraction of a traditional Indian market expressively.


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