Two Harnessed Calves by Heirich von Zugel

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Two Harnessed Calves by Heirich von Zugel

Painting NameTwo Harnessed Calves
Painter NameHeirich von Zugel
Completion Date1906
Size81.9 x 111.1 cm (32.24" x 3' 7.74")
Current LocationPrivate collection

Award winner German painter Heirich von Zugel devoted his art towards depicting domestic animals. His paintings often described animals with their masters doing works farms or just wandering in meadow or in small lakes.

Here he comes up again with the same relation between the human and the animals which represents the dependency of the both sides in old times. The animals were dependent on the people for food and protection while people were dependent on animals for ploughing, milk and fur. Though, nowadays this kind of relations is quickly fading away due to the alternatives for the animals. Instead, animals are mostly being prisoned harshly in the ‘animal-farms’.

Here is a normal every day work in country-side. Artist has kept the farmer’s face unclear and under the shadows of the hat, which indicates that artist didn’t want to personify the image to any single person. In the backdrop there is little glimpse of the farmer’s cottage-like house surrounded by heavy flora. Though, it seems as a mid-day, the shadows in the trees and on the ground is dark and the contrast in the nature is portrayed with same natural state.

In modern world, even in rural areas such scenes are hard to find as there are tractors for the substitutes of bulls and the farms are being sown by planes. Still in the third world countries  practice of ploughing by animals is still active.


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