View Of Lake Maggiore With The Isola Bella by Gaspar Van Wittel

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View Of Lake Maggiore With The Isola Bella by Gaspar Van Wittel

Painting NameView Of Lake Maggiore With The Isola Bella
Painter NameGaspar Van Wittel
Completion Date1715
Place of CreationItaly Switzerland
Size50.2 x 99.1 cm (19.76" x 39.02")
Current LocationPrivate collection

The island hidden under the big buildings in the middle of the Lake Maggiore is called Isola Bella (beautiful island). The lake is situated at the south side of the Alps mountain range. It is a real place and many tourists visit the place annually.

If we consider the painting as a little window to the real place, we get quickly assured that the reality could not be defined on a canvas more precisely than the artist Gaspar van Vittel. He was known for his accurate topographical views which are called Vedute in art-fields. Vedute paintings mean the accurate illustration of any topographical place. Vittel undoubtedly acquired the mastery in Vedute paintings as we can enjoy the real place’s beauty on our computer screens.

Popular medium of oil on canvas is ruling the art-world from the time of Leonardo da Vicni and is still a very strong technique to portray a scene for insane details and true colors. Vittel also, just like many other artists, preferred oil on canvas.

The openness and grandeur of the place is the key lucrative point to intrigue the desire to be at such place. The place consist every type of geographical elements to take an effort for a long sojourn and is a place to find like-minded people.

Paintings always deliver unique feelings to the viewer even he has seen the real landscape for a thousand times. The same goes here.


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