Winter Farm Scene by Andrew Wyeth

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Winter Farm Scene by Andrew Wyeth

Painting NameWinter Farm Scene
Painter NameAndrew Wyeth
Size78.7 x 57.8 cm (30.98" x 22.76")
Current LocationPrivate collection

A well-reputed American painter Andrew Wyeth has left us a legacy of his remarkable art-works after his recent death in 2009. Wyeth was considered as a realistic painter, but he himself claimed to be an abstract painter. In landscape, he has depicted many scene of the farms situated around his residing. His most famous panting Christina’s world is about a girl sprawled in a green farm looking at a house.

In the current picture, there is another depiction of a farm, this time, a farm in a winter-environment. As the season affects, the trees are leaf-less and the grounds are life-less for the most time. I find a little sense of loneliness in the current depiction. Everything seems isolated from another object. The big tree in the front is standing alone. The tall grass sprouting out from the thick layer of ice looks very thin. The houses in the back-ground and the scenery in far backdrop, all reflects a kind of emptiness as there is no one visible in the picture.

Andrew Wyeth majorly worked with watercolor on paper. And an eerie or cartoonish is the result of the relatively thin paint used in watercolor than the thick oil colors.

The artist’s trademarks of painting to be relatively dryer with limited color range are found in the current picture opulently. Picture consist a sense of washed out theme grey with a little bit of blue in the sky. This little range of colors is the reason of the simplicity yet a finished output of the painting.


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