A Lincolnshire Stackyard by Peter de Wint

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A Lincolnshire Stackyard by Peter de Wint

Painting NameA Lincolnshire Stackyard
Painter NamePeter de Wint
Size31.5 x 15.5 cm (12.4" x 6.1")
TechniquePencil, Watercolour
Current LocationPrivate collection

Painted with watercolor pencil, English painter Peter Wint has depicted a scene from his wife’s hometown Lincolnshire. It’s a stack yard of the village with nothing much interesting elements included. Still the artistic adequacy makes the scene beautiful. The ground is harvested and cleared up for the next season. The yellowish tint reaching all the corners gives the painting a warmth feeling. Benefitting from the medium of watercolor pencil, artist has benefitted the advantage of the medium in thin lines.


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