Cookham On The Thames by Peter de Wint

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Cookham On The Thames by Peter de Wint

Painting NameCookham On The Thames
Painter NamePeter de Wint
Place of CreationCookham, England
Size47.5 x 15.5 cm (18.7" x 6.1")
TechniquePencil, Watercolour
Current LocationPrivate collection

Anyone would like to live at a place where there is a beautiful village at the bank of a serene river with quiet; fresh and bird-tweeting environment always welcomes you with promise of tranquility. Peter Wint’s portrayal of such place makes us feel allured towards the place to see with our eyes riding on the boat same boat included in the picture. Additionally, the stream painted here is no other but the significant river Thames of England and the village is Cookham as the title tells.

The painting has been drawn by watercolor pencil, a less used than oil-on-canvas but much popular among its lovers due to its facility of providing best of both technics. You can have a watercolor shades as well as the fine-lines which you get from pencils are also there to make the picture more sharp and accurate to bring out solid output. Peter Wint was a chief English watercolorist and his mastery over the subject is spread all-over the painting.

All the charms of living in a remote area which could not be easily found in big cities are included. The joy of riding in a motioned boat with cold air flowing on your face, the trance only found in the trees filled with tweeting and chirping birds and the vast land to wander and explore as well as the cool-minded harmonious populous of a small village are the missing elements in city which brings the peace and happiness which modern people desperately seeks.

A simple landscape like this one puts a total new world in front of us to imagine and think about. It is like finding the things which we seek from the scenery. A landscape gives us the chance to delve into a realm where you think of the acts which you wish to accomplish in reality.


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