An Arab Caravan by Albert Zimmerman

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An Arab Caravan by Albert Zimmerman

Painting NameAn Arab Caravan
Painter NameAlbert Zimmerman
Size29.2 x 52.7 cm (11½" x 20¾")
Current LocationPrivate collection


Albert Zimmerman’s adequacy comes up shining in his landscape portrayals in which his mastery on colors (with including slightest variants of them) and choice of scenery really stands out.

Here, as the title suggests, the painting portrays an Arabian caravan leaving the city perceived in the far background. They have come a long way in the vast plain but still the huge flat ground allows us to see the city. Thus, we understand the first impression as the journey has just begun.

The depicted environment and land with mixture of high mountains and flat grounds represents the Arabian geography which the depicted one is from the greener areas of the country as the Arabian countries mostly contains deserts in majority of their land-space. There is also a row of trees and grass in the foreground perceivable showing a little healthier environment than rest of the country.

The caravan itself is emerging out from behind the knoll with people and goods riding on the single-humped camels. People are in their traditional costume. And with a little surprise, we can see a long rifle hanging the on camel whom the controller is guiding. Painter may wanted to draw our attention to the fact that in old times, travelling was not as much fun as it is today, due to the attacks on caravans were normal intended for robbery.

Initially self-taught artist Albert Zimmerman have magnificently depicted the Arabian culture on the canvas with his oil colors as the painting now captures the culture’s one dimension safe on the canvas.


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