An Arab Warrior by Georges Washington

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An Arab Warrior by Georges Washington

Painting NameAn Arab Warrior
Painter NameGeorges Washington
Place of CreationItaly, Venice
Size38.1 x 45.7 cm (15" x 17.99")
Current LocationPrivate collection

Please don’t misinterpret the artist’s name with the spectacular historical figure George Washington. The artist here, Georges Washington is totally different personality from the first president of the United States of America.

The shot being fired from the rifle hints an encounter on the go when this particular Arab soldier is trying to kill his undefined enemy. We are being kept in dark about the rivals to make us concentrate on the particular soldier’s pose and his horse’s quick movements in efforts to save itself from the probable harm. We can also assume that the numerous gun-shots being fired around might made the horse restive.

Painted with the long-lasting oil, the advantages of the medium can be seen as we enjoy the more depth of colors and variety of shades. It makes the painting more life-like and adds some sense of natural touch.

The pose of the soldier delivers a sense of unsettled nature of any battle. You don’t know from where you will get attacked or targeted silently. You have to keep all of your senses up and just like the soldier you also have to keep an eye right exactly at the back of yours. So, there is no certainty in the battle and i think that’s what the artist have tried to show us.


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