Boys Fishing by Valentin de Zubiaurre

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Boys Fishing by Valentin de Zubiaurre

Painting NameBoys Fishing
Painter NameValentin de Zubiaurre
Completion Date1902
Size79.4 x 56 cm (31.26" x 22.05")
Current LocationPrivate collection

Valentine Zubiaurre was a Spanish painter in late 19th century. He was born deaf just like his brother unfortunately. The irony of their lives is that both were sons of a composer.

In his early age, he began painting. He traveled foreign countries to nurture his skills. After acquiring enough experience and doing some outstanding works, he got the first medal of national exhibition of fine arts in 1917.

This genre painting named ‘Boys Fishing’ was drawn in 1902. It is an oil-on-canvas painting. It shows a boy fishing in lake with another boy with same outfit standing right behind him. The woman in back is probably their mother with daughter standing beside. The way ascending in back is maybe leads to the village or the house of the family.

The first thing comes in my mind is that maybe this is an everyday chore of the family. Fishing and having meal out it. The basket in woman’s hands hints us that she is waiting for her son to capture some fishes, so she can make the meal of the day.

In a way, it looks a bit sad, but on the other hand, it shows the learning curve of the boys to experience the reality of the life. Earning meal is not an easy task and when they will grow up; this experience will certainly help at some point.

Painter has described that simple life of a villager in this scene. Can we say, he was much affected by the village-life? Maybe yes, otherwise, just a simple act of fishing can’t be the central point of his painting.


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