Peasants by Valentin de Zubiaurre

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Peasants by Valentin de Zubiaurre

Painting NamePeasants
Painter NameValentin de Zubiaurre
Size39 x 43.5 cm (15.35" x 17.13")
Current LocationPrivate collection

Peasants are dining while the light in the painting backdrop suggests it is twilight. Valentin de Zubiaurre’s painting has become the hallmark of rural wellbeing, especially with the issues of nutrition in villages across the world today. For me, the painting signifies much to do with world food exchanges through governments. Besides, the rice farming fields had stayed much in dispute over colonists and natives in 19th Century Spain. For the painter born in 1879, such a history definitely spelled inspiration. One can gather a lot about history from Zubiaurre’s works.

Spanish rebellion during the 1800s etched local culture with stories of rice fights and self-dependent farming, and the painter saw almost nothing nobler than his rural subject in a period that just followed. Valentin de Zubiaurre’s work on the peasants resounds with other paintings, in which he has immortalized the culture of social exchanges among young people, difficulties and anxieties of Spanish mothers, solitary feelings of lovers and other valuable niceties in people.

The world is not quite upbeat about a world of peasants, but they seem to have worked hard enough to put food on the table. Since farmers, peasants, masons and similar professionals depend on archaic forms of trade and capitalization, the conquest of socialist ideals and state property politics could be lurking like a destructive force in Zubiaurre’s times. Moreover, today we can only look back at the life of peasants being moral and righteous, to a degree that all ideologies fail to hold candle.

Zubiaurre has been able to bring out the honesty through optical expressions in his subjects. While the mother is obviously tired at the end of a toiling day, her face reflects an inner happiness. The man who has all the attention seems to be a little happier than the others, but it is hard to tell why. From the jug he is holding, it seems he could be sneaking away a little Spanish alcohol to the disapproval of his folks.


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