Camp of the Wanderers by Richard Karlovich Zommer

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Camp of the Wanderers by Richard Karlovich Zommer

Painting NameCamp of the Wanderers
Painter NameRichard Karlovich Zommer
Completion Date1897
Size119.4 x 73.7 cm (3' 11.01" x 29.02")
Current LocationPrivate collection

The warm and realistic portrayal of a tribe is illustrated by the famous Russian artist Richard Karlovich Zommer. It is genre painting of wanderers. They have pitched their tents in an open field. The trees are giving them comfort under their shadows and every living object of the tribe is having rest after a long journey.

Watching the scene, it feels very calm and restful. We automatically feel the urge to go there and have some drinks under those welcoming tents. It’s like getting freedom from the same-old regular life we are having. It feels much more adventurous things to keep wandering from place to place and exploring the new areas of the Mother Nature. This could be the most perfect life for anyone who loves travelling and watching the unaffected by human and real beauty of nature.

But, there is always the other side of the coin. As beautiful and adventurous as it looks at the first glance, a wandering tribe’s life is much more hard and filled with chores to gather some food at the end of the day. As you are not permanently living at one place, you always find yourself roaming for work from place to place. You always have a certain pressure on your mind to earn something for your family. And the race of earning makes you forget to enjoy the natural beauty outspread around you. You could be always anxious thinking that what if you don’t earn anything today?

In this painting of 1897, artist Richard Zommer has displayed the both aspects in just one picture. The apparent and the ‘behind the scene’.  This genre painting filled with details in the subject and in the background, helps us understanding the beauty and the hardship of a wandering tribe’s life.



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