Contemporary Painter – Donald Baechler

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Donald Baechler is an American artist born in 1956 in Hartford, Connecticut. Following his passion, he attended Maryland Institute college of Art and Cooper Union. After that, for further studies he went to Frankfurt, Germany with his German friends whom he met at the Cooper Union. New York Times and Art in America have claimed his paintings as echoes of some former artists like Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol, Otterness and Rodin.

At first glance, his style of work looks more childish and scattered in different things. More like different things gathered and put at one place. Here are two examples of his paintings:

Horse by Donald Baechler

Copyright Holder – Donald Baechler

Copyright Holder – Donald Baechler

The most of his paintings consists one central image of a thing and the background would always be a clutter of different things. He said in his own words about the clutter:

“I hold onto absolutely everything. “I would guess out of every thousand images I save, I probably use one or two. I’ve never actually counted. I save images in many different forms… It’s necessary to accumulate all of these things to get to the point of what’s important.”

Means, he deliberately draws the simplest drawing in the focus and then surround it with the most bizarre and unrelated-at-the-first-glance things.

The subjects of his paintings are mostly horses, flowers, crowds, skulls and abstract art. He has also tried his hand on sculpture making them with same bizarreness which we find his paintings. He is known for his bright, multimedia work that explores of cultural symbols.

I would like to conclude with Edward Leffingwell’s quote on his works: “Beachler scatters his surfaces with the detritus of childhood, portraying the adult today through the images of a past not quite left behind.

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