Greyed Rainbow by Jackson Pollock

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Greyed Rainbow by Jackson Pollock

Painting NameGreyed Rainbow
Painter NameJackson Pollock
Completion Date1953
Size182.9 x 244.2 cm (72 x 96 1/8 in.)
Current LocationPollock-Krasner Foundation

Greyed Rainbow is another excellent Drip Painting by the American artist which brings the combination of powerful grey, black and white over the top of other colors like yellow, orange and blue.

Jackson Pollock continues his legacy of Drip Paintings. The painting style is more near to his other paintings like Number 5, 1948, Number 19, 1948, Mural, Convergence and Number 1, 1950 than the stand sorts like The Deep and Number 5 (Elegant Lady) in his reach oeuvre. That shows his exploration of ways of painting in his self-created Drip Paintings.


The base of the painting is a black surface, over which the combination of grey and white is applied. Then, there are also other colors in minority saving it from being a lifeless monotonous picture.

We see two types of brushstrokes. One with a heavy pressure spreading the color all over the surface and another stroke is made by hovering the brush-strokes over the painting and letting the thick paint drip on the surface. The thin and clear lines are the ones made by the drip technique. Grey seems to be the only color used for the drip technique.

Abstract Meaning

Meaning of such abstract paintings (especially Jackson Pollock’s) could go down in the lane of philosophical, individual perspective or could related to the artist’s personal stature in life during the creation of the painting.

What we can see is the artist has depicted an unremarkable feeling or a fulfillness. Maybe that’s what Pollock had been doing with his drip paintings the whole time. Every painting of his, including this one, delivers nothing else but a sense, a feeling or some sort of fulfillment when looking the whole picture at once. Every different type of colors, strokes and blank spaces represents the different emotions and unconscious thoughts one would have in his mind at once in any moment. Though, every drip painting is just a display of dripped and smudged colors on a canvas, every single one of them creates a different feeling and a satisfactory joy while looking at them.

And that’s what happens when we look at Greyed Rainbow. We see the artist’s mental state during the painting as leaving the mainstream colors behind and approaching the basic colors, black, white and grey more profoundly.


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