Mural by Jackson Pollock

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Mural by Jackson Pollock

Painting NameMural
Painter NameJackson Pollock
Completion Date1943
Size97 1/4 x 238 in (247 x 605 cm)
Current LocationJ. Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles California United States)

It’s a stampede… [of] every animal in the American West, cows and horses and antelopes and buffaloes. Everything is charging across that goddamn surface.”
These are the words of Jackson Pollock on his piece ‘Mural’ made in 1943. As it came out, most critics adored it and welcomed it with greetings. Some also considered it one of the best productions by the artist.

The painting itself is very large being sized of 8 by 20 feet. It was made on the commission given by Peggy Guggenheim.

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