Homeward Bound by Adolf Schreyer

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Homeward Bound by Adolf Schreyer	Gaining a dexterous status in depicting horses, German painter Adolf Schreyer has illustrated a small troop of people riding towards their villages after acquiring enough wood for the winter. The harnessed horses have become exhausted after a long travel. The fluffy snow has started fall making the ground slippery and hard to climb up. The two riders on the middle horses are encouraging the tired horses. One more rider in the backdrop is keeping an eye on the carriage from the back just to be sure. Perhaps not an everyday scene but artist has depicted a tedious chore which repeats itself on every winter.

Painting NameHomeward Bound
Painter NameAdolf Schreyer
Size73.7 x 141 cm (29.02" x 4' 7.51")
Current LocationPrivate collection

Men evolve and find different ways to survive in different conditions. In Africa they tend to find food first instead of shelter. But in cold areas like the depicted the list of necessities is longer than the warm places. You have to collect food inevitably as well as wood; a shelter and wool for clothes are also equally vital needs to live in extremely cold environments. In a way, we can say they suffer more hardships than the people in warm countries.

This depiction is surely from the old times, when the technologies were not developed to keep your house warm electronically. People used to have fire for warmth otherwise the chill could be deadly. Thus, a mere scene at first glance is one of the pivotal things people have to have in cold areas.

And there is also the dependency over animals is described as it would be impossibly difficult to bring big amount of goods at such pace and quantity. Apparently, the horses are now stressing at their physical limits. Their hot exhales are visible in chilly winds. Though, they will receive their amends after reaching the destination.

The portrayal itself repeats artists’ ability in depicting the equine draftsmanship. There is no bad or unnatural flow in the figure’s poses. The natural physics which would be applied in such conditions feels original as the horses really seems to pushing their legs on the ground. The surroundings also look normal and natural. Executed with oil on canvas, the painting tells a little portion of people in cold areas.


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