Adolf Schreyer

BornJuly 9, 1828 (Frankfurt, Germany)
DiedJuly 29, 1899 (Kronberg im Taunus, Germany)

Paintings of Adolf Schreyer

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Adolf Schreyer had some fascination towards the Arab landscape and culture. Maybe that was inspired by his Egyptian voyage in his life-time. He might have learned and understood the local culture very well as we conceive a very realistic and convincing depiction of Arabian horsemen on their march. The leader of the march with sturdy attitudes and red flag seems the signs of something intense is going on or is about to happen. They could have been returning from a triumph or are marching to acquire one. Both ways, it tells a portion of a story. Comrades following at the back are less with gun which more seems like small spear or sticks. The two followers are looking in the same direction might be suspecting […]


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Gaining a dexterous status in depicting horses, German painter Adolf Schreyer has illustrated a small troop of people riding towards their villages after acquiring enough wood for the winter. The harnessed horses have become exhausted after a long travel. The fluffy snow has started fall making the ground slippery and hard to climb up. The two riders on the middle horses are encouraging the tired horses. One more rider in the backdrop is keeping an eye on the carriage from the back just to be sure. Perhaps not an everyday scene but artist has depicted a tedious chore which repeats itself on every winter. Men evolve and find different ways to survive in different conditions. In Africa they tend to find food first instead of […]


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