Notre Dame, Paris by Terrick Williams

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Notre Dame Paris by Terrick Williams

Painting NameNotre Dame Paris
Painter NameTerrick Williams
Place of CreationFrance, Paris
Size51 x 62 cm (20.08" x 24.41")
Current LocationPublic collection

Notre Dame de Paris is one of the most famous buildings of Paris, France. It is the cathedral dedicated to Virgin Marry. The building is a gothic style structure and is standing tall in the middle of the city. The gothic style structure and little details such as artistic gargoyles, the beauty you can only enjoy by visiting the church.

Building made prominent by the bright colors, comprises a full history within it. Being one of the oldest buildings in the city, the church was built in 12th century.  It has seen many ages and wars. The importance and the significance in the Paris are understandable when we know that it has inspired many books and movies. The most famous of them is The Hunchback of the Notre-dame by the well-known writer Victor Hug. In the story the church plays an important role as being the focal point of the flow.

This magnificence has been tried to put into the painting too. Using the most vibrant colors to portray the cathedral, it quickly catches the viewer’s eyes towards the building.

The river slithering aside is the River Seine, also one of the symbolic portions of the city.

The painting portraying the cathedral is made out of oil on canvas, a very good medium to preserve the art-pieces for long time.


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