Red and Gold Brixham by Terrick Williams

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Red and Gold Brixham by Terrick Williams

Painting NameRed and Gold Brixham
Painter NameTerrick Williams
Place of CreationBrixham, Devon, England
Size152.4 x 101.6 cm (4' 12" x 3' 4")
Current LocationPrivate collection

Water being one of the toughest elements to describe on a canvas with oil, Terrick Williams has taken the same challenge in his hand by portraying a busy port of English town Brixham. The challenge has been accomplished adequately by the artist who mainly illustrated landscapes with marine subjects. The waving surface of the water and the strikingly accurate reflections of the boats and little bit of sky makes us realize his understanding of the entire scene.

Brixham is a small fishing town. And many boats can be perceived anchored at the bays. Terrick Williams has represented a normal day from the town with a little bit of artistic imagination which gives the scene its red and gold colors which are prominent colors in the painting. The choice of the view angle is also significant as it comprises all the elements at the beach. Top of the houses at the foreground and the Brixham itself on the other side of the water gives the picture a populous presence.

Moreover, the completeness of the painting could be derived by the little elements like people walking on the right-hand-side street or working on the boats. They complete the scene as being the points of life thriving in the city which everyday tries to reach out in the vast sea and capture the needs for survival. Even after the boats are the main elements emphasized in the painting, the people becomes vital without whom the whole landscape would become a ghost-town.


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