Shadey Trees by Andrew Wyeth

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Shadey Trees by Andrew Wyeth

Painting NameShadey Trees
Painter NameAndrew Wyeth
Size97.2 x 78.1 cm (3' 2.27" x 30¾")
Current LocationPrivate collection

Pastel colors being a sustainable medium with its own benefits can’t be found in other mediums is a popular type in painting dated back in the times of Leonardo da Vinci. Andrew Wyeth the celebrated American artist has used the medium well in the current depiction which seems to be a scene from a countryside.

Providing the greenery a big room on the canvas makes the painting more connected with the nature and its wondrous elements of serenity. The main beauty of work also lurks under the green strokes.

Painter might have not used variety of colors but here we can see his adequacy at using the shades of a single color. Almost the whole spectrum of green shades could be found from the various shades of strokes for the ground and among the branches of the trees where more darker colors are used for a certain effect. Other than green, there is no other major color impacting our eyes. The blues of the sky are deem and appear almost washed out.

The essential philosophy of the scene is the comfort, in my view. You can take a look at it or imagine yourself being at such place & the first thing you feel is the easiness and comfort. And that’s a good factor for an artist to attain. Generally, in the attempt to gain more detail and astonish the viewer there are chances of ruining the essence or voiding the feel of the image. But, in the current picture as simple as it looks and as subtle as it feels the output quietly makes you love it.


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