The Yellow House by Vincent van Gogh

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The Yellow House by Vincent van Gogh (1888)

Painting NameThe Yellow House
Painter NameVincent Van Gogh
Completion Date1888
Place of CreationFrance
Size76 cm × 94 cm (28.3 in × 36 in)
Current LocationVan Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Yellow house is a place where Vincent van Gogh wanted to start the ‘studio of the south’ and also the place where he attacked his painter friend Paul Gauguin in a mad rush resulting in his his cut ear. The painting is beautiful and one of the popular by van Gogh.

The Yellow House analysis

The painting is based on the building where Van gogh stayed for some time in Arles, France. Allegedly, he wanted to establish a ‘studio of the south’ at the house and call his painter friends.

The place was ideal for him to paint. It was a quiet street without much disturbance.

There are two apparent dominant colors. The pale yellowness of the houses and the roads and the dark blue of the sky. This contrast with darker color on the upper side makes the users focus diverted towards the house in the center.

It is a normal everyday scene with bright sunlight. We can see the thick, short strokes of paint which later on became his prominent and popular style.

The classical academic painting style which prefers to hide the brush-strokes in the painting and create a flawless depiction of the entire scene isn’t followed here. Van gogh was one of the first Dutch painter who didn’t care for the academic standards and painted in his own way, which ultimately led him to his distinct style.

Connection with Bedroom in Arles

The bedroom is the part of the yellow house. It’s straight and simple. The Bedroom in Arles is the part of the yellow house.

Attack on Paul Gauguin

It is the same yellow house where Paul Gauguin, his new painter friend had came to live for 9 weeks and it ended up Vincent van Gogh attacking on Gauguin with a razor blade. The fight ended in van Gogh cutting his own left earlobe.

The incident has various versions about who incited the fight and who was the main culprit behind it.

All we know, after the incident Vincent van Gogh was admitted to the mental hospital and Paul Gauguin left Arles. They never met again.
The original yellow house building was destroyed during the World War II. Today, the painting is hanging in the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam with many stories and memories of van Gogh’s past carrying through the time.


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