View Of A Terrace by Vincenzo Irolli

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View Of A Terrace by Vincenzo Irolli

Painting NameView Of A Terrace
Painter NameVincenzo Irolli
Size62.8 x 77.4 cm(24.72" x 30.47")
Current LocationPrivate collection

Vincenzo Irolli was a still life painter from Italy. He was well-known for his works of genre-paintings and portraits in late 19th century. Blending things with brush-strokes and creating a feel of similarity across the painting was his novice style. The unrealistic effect of his style gave more importance and dominance to the scene. He painted most of his work in unrealistic style, though having the subjects from real-life.

In this oil-on-canvas still painting, is surrealistic view of a regular terrace filled with some flower-vases.  Irolli, instead of trying to make the scene more real, created a vague image of a simple terrace by making it surreal. Still, we can differentiate the terrace wall, flowers and the background, which looks like another high wall just besides the building. We can even see from which direction the sun-rays are falling form. His style of representation makes the scene more interesting by its unclear lines, colors and substance.

We can’t find the reason why Irolli chose a simple view of terrace as his main subject. But my best assumption is, that he wanted to make us think about the simple beauty we have around us. Maybe he wanted to emphasize this place’s quietness and reflect it with his art. Or it could be a place which was important in his life.

By making it a bit cluttered, maybe the artist wanted to provoke our imaginations. Giving just an overall idea of the scene, in your mind, you can create the entire scenario with every detail. That could be it.


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