A Spiritual Libation by Paul Charles Chocarne Moreau

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A Spiritual Libation by Paul Charles Chocarne-Moreau (Paul Charles Chocarne Moreau)

Painting NameA Spiritual Libation
Painter NamePaul Charles Chocarne Moreau
Completion Date1893
Size69.8 x 87 cm (27.48" x 34¼")
Current LocationPrivate collection

Painter of enlightening, funny and comic descriptions of adolescence, Paul Charles have encircled almost every possible attires, situations and places in his paintings.

Though, an unusual feat is about portraying culprits in papal attires and showing them doing things which is not supposed to do by kids when they are in those respectful clothes. It’s a bit satire shown here.

The current picture includes such boy who is wearing papal clothes called choir dress. He is holding a tray which he has apparently taken out from the cupboard of which door he is keeping ajar. He is also very curious for any footsteps in outer gallery for the obvious reasons.

The second character could be called as the artist’s favorite character, because it appears in every second painting – a boy chef. Now, it could be there because of the theme and the audience of the painting, because, children are less attracted towards arts in general. But, if the painting is about children doing some naughty stuff, they would be interested.

Now, my guess is that targeting that small-aged audience, artist kept two elements permanent in its painting – a gag and food – the main elements which attracts kids the most.

The scene is just a simple act of sneaking away from a ceremony or such sort church-act, and having a drink. Children just love to break the rules.


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