Le Petit Journal by Paul Charles Chocarne Moreau

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Le Petit Journal by Paul Charles Chocarne Moreau

Painting NameLe Petit Journal
Painter NamePaul Charles Chocarne Moreau
Size154.9 x 119.4 cm (5' .98" x 3' 11.01")
Current LocationPrivate collection

Paul Moreau’s paintings generally depict little culprits having some fun by a practical joke or something amusing which an adolescent would do. His pictures always carry a fun part in it which makes the paintings pleasurable and enjoyable.

The current picture shows one of his gimmicks about children being children. Kids find different ways to have the most fun out of any situation. If not stopped, they could act like robots that never stop and keep on working until battery gets low.

What the robot would do if the battery dies? If it a self-sustaining futuristic robot it will find a plug to get recharge.

And kids who go for sugar. Yes, they like sugar and everybody knows what effect sugar can make on children. It would just pump their adrenals to another level will make them courageous to act even greater gag.

Here, the teamed up boys seems to do exactly the same. Theft is a seen. But I would say everything is fair in love, war and adolescence. That’s the phase where you learn right and wrong. But until you don’t do them, how are you going to learn about them?

Distraction is the most famous technic to accomplish any mission with secrecy. Here, the distraction of being interested in the old popular Parisian newspaper “Le Petit Journal” is driving away the little chef’s attention from his basket. He has got easily fooled by other kids and the team just can’t hide their joy from occurring on their faces. The poor chef doesn’t seem to have a littlest idea of what is happening behind his back. Maybe he will, when he will count his pieces later on.

Another apparently noticeable thing in Paul Mareau’s paintings is his indirect satire on adult priors. The red choir dresses which the adult priors wear on religious ceremony are utterly sacred. Now, during any religious ceremony there is an unwritten rule about not doing anything evil.

Here, children are doing exactly the same. That perfectly portrays children’s innocence in adolescence. And only that innocence allows them to do anything.

2 Responses to “Le Petit Journal by Paul Charles Chocarne Moreau”
  1. david leonard

    45 years ago while attending a rural auction in upstate ny. I purchased a box of junk at $3.50. In the box was a framed picture of ” le petite Boulanger” by paul Charles chocarne moreau. At the time I paid little attention to it. When I started research on I some 30 years laterI was blown away by this artist. It is an ink on rice paper .How this survived after all these years is amazing. It appears to be a work done prior to the execution of the oil painting. Can you tell me what the date of oil painting was done? Thank you.

    • admin

      Translations of the french titles by the artists sometimes mixes up paintings and causes confusions. We don’t see painting with same name in our collection. Could you please send us a photograph of your painting so we can proceed in our research and provide you a proper reply. Thanks.

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