Gondole quittant le quai des Escvalons Venise by Felix Ziem

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Gondole quittant le quai des Escvalons Venise by Felix Ziem

Painting NameGondole quittant le quai des Escvalons Venise
Painter NameFelix Ziem
Place of CreationItaly, Venice
Size54.6 x 85.7 cm (21½" x 33.74")
Current LocationPrivate collection

Iconic landscape of Venice, at the evening time, has been depicted by Felix Ziem the French artist. It is among his around 5 versions of the quai des Esclavons, means Dock of Esclvaons. This dock has been used for centuries for overseas trades. Other than the trading ships (which are slightly seen on the far left) the painting mainly depicts the Venice’s iconic boats, the Gondolas, leaving the dockyard. It is depicted middle with darker colors. Those are the main links to sail around the city as the City of Water has canals instead of streets. Gondolas can’t much further in the ocean due to its small size and limited amount of goods it can carry. The title in French language also gives importance to the gondolas as it translates Gondola leaving the dock Esclavons, Venice.

The iconic buildings seen here are the Venice’s one of the attractions points of Venice due to their historical importance. From left the square building is Doge’s Palace, the tower is called Bell Tower and the building after that is Biblioteca Nazionale Marcian- National Library of St Mark’s.  In the far background, the only visible building with a round dome over it is a plague church called Santa Maria della Salute. The churches made as an offering to god to reduce the plague in old times were called the plague churches.

Artist’s each work represents the same landscape, but has different feelings in each. This reflects very soothing and calm sensation as if artist has depicted it with peace of mind and taking a good time without any hurry.


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