Ships on Bacino de San Marco by Felix Ziem

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Ships on Bacino de San Marco by Felix Ziem

Painting NameShips on Bacino de San Marco
Painter NameFelix Ziem
Place of CreationItaly, Venice
Size72 x 109 cm (28.35" x 3' 6.91")
Current LocationPrivate collection

In the series of depicting the port of Bacino de San Marco by the artist this is another fine depiction of the historically important place. The scene includes the monumental buildings like the Clock Tower of the St. Mark’s Square on the right side being the highest structure in the landscape. Right before it, the building is called Doge’s palace which was built by the Doge of Venice, the ultimate authority of the Venetian government. It became the central building of the government after the governance was moved in the palace.

The building on the left side of Doge’s Palace is called Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana meaning National Library of St Mark’s in English. It is a building from the renaissance period. Throughout the many years, today now it contains many important artifacts and books of history and is considered as very important collection. The square surrounded by these three prominent buildings is called the St. Mark’s Square, another place with footprints of historical happenings.

On the left the building with a round dome is Santa Maria della Salute, a plague church. Plague churches were built in the times of the outbreak of the plague which is called as the Black Death. As an offering to god, people and the authorities vows to build churches if the plague gets in control. Those churches were called the plague churches. Salute is also a plague church and the name translates in English as Saint Mary of Health. Thus, the building becomes a resemblance of the devastating outbreak of the Black Death in the city.

The tall ship in the middle could be perceived as the symbol of the overseas trades of the city with other countries. They were called overseas customs at the time. One end of the grand canal of the city opens up here. And lastly, the boats sailing in the waters are called Gondolas, another trademark of the city, in which today tourists sail through the whole city.

The painting tells many stories in every part with every object in the portrayal. Presumably, knowing the full antiquity of the place, artist have represented us another piece of history on canvas to remember the past.



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