Hombre De Fuensaldana by Ramon De Zubiaurre

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Hombre De Fuensaldana by Ramon De Zubiaurre

Painting NameHombre De Fuensaldana
Painter NameRamon De Zubiaurre
Size45.7 x 31 cm (17.99" x 12.2")
Current LocationPrivate collection

Hombre de Fuensaldana by Ramon de Zubiaurre is one of the social-relevance type paintings, with focus on the individual – rather than society. However, the importance of the individual’s location is paramount, as I guessed it would be when I was about to enter the de Zubiaurre special features gallery. At the same time, I should admit that there is not a world of difference between this one and the other works, although it seems the Spanish painter did not put in an effort to glorify the man or his story with the brush strokes. It seems that the subject has a degree of attachment to the nobility – or maybe he is a learned man who seeks such an attachment.

The castle is big – something you would notice only if you are able to decipher the houses in the valley or the lowlands. The man seems to be what you associate with a person who ‘shines’ in his career or profession. Although less evidently skilled than a goldsmith or a watchmaker, the man from Fuensaldana is deeply trained in an academic discipline – well enough to articulate his penchant for rubbing shoulders with the aristocracy. May be that is why Zubiaurre left his delicate care behind while living in a time of massive political hysteria and liberal ideas of the early 20th Century in Europe. Nevertheless, the painter has bestowed the subject in the title, giving importance to the individual from Fuensaldana Valladolid, Spain.

The small town of Fuensaldana, known for its 15th Century castle, is a highly self-governed municipality today. But during the times of Zubbiaurre, it was beginning to take infant steps into the modern world of technology. A very quiet place even today, Fuensaldana has people, who living in the shadow of a world famous castle is bound to seek magnificent results from efforts, whether the person is learned, educated, skilled or simply an inspired idiot.


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