Mother and Daughter by Ramon De Zubiaurre

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Mother and Daughter by Ramon De Zubiaurre

Painting NameMother and Daughter
Painter NameRamon De Zubiaurre
Size84.5 x 84.5 cm (33.27" x 33.27")
Current LocationPrivate collection

Ramon de Zubiaurre lived through a period marred by two wars, the sinister advent of global credit systems and ideologies that required the breaking of families. However, the two world wars in de Zeubiaurre’s lifetime are telling enough about what moods his paintings would evoke. Although it is not sorrow that flows out of it, you can see a depiction of negative social changes in all his works – even if he did not paint a perfectly-normal-looking-mother-daughter portrait, in which the mother’s cigarette and plunging neckline would evoke questions. While today we see strong advices against tobacco smoking, it was no different, at least for women, it times that preceded Ramon de Zubiaurre’s career.

The painter died in 1969, before which he saw a change that was to define the last century. Contemporary Spanish artists dwelled in nationalist ideas, which were in congruence with certain avant-garde political ideas of the time, but never resounded with the encroaching industrialist attitude of the colonizing powers. Zubiaurre defined his career through depictions of life through the centuries, and from the subjects and their getups, I would imagine them to be living in the 1940s and 50s. Moreover, they have a certain degree of moroseness, which could probably be a reflection of many mothers and daughters who lost their bread-earners in World War 2.

A great change in social attitudes, definitions of homemaking, homeschooling and other related issues made many unacceptable things look the opposite, or even cool. However, a large part of society celebrated its new level of tolerance, while it overlooked the reasons that caused the changes. While on one side it is the wars, it is also aftermath that causes a sense of Godlessness, probably for the first time. The Christian world had more non believers than ever before.

However, the painting has become a masterpiece owing to the natural expressions that the characters are carrying. While the daughter is bracing up to fight a world of men, her mother is quietly confident of protecting her like any mother.


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