Number 11, 1952 (Blue Poles) by Jackson Pollock

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Number 11, 1952 (Blue Poles) by Jackson Pollock

Painting NameNumber 11 1952 (aka Blue Poles)
Painter NameJackson Pollock
Completion Date1952
Size212.1 cm × 488.9 cm (83.5 in × 192.5 in)
TechniqueEnamel and aluminium paint with glass
Current LocationNational Gallery of Australia Canberra

Number 11, 1952 is, as the title suggests, a painting made by the American Drip Painting artist Jackson Pollock in 1952. It ranks among one of the most famous works by Pollock.

Initially, as the painter prefers, the title of the painting was simply as Number 11, 1952 but later on in 1954, Pollock gave it another name alongside, Blue Poles. Some critics were disgruntled by the name alteration/addition, saying that a verbal name for such drip painting was limiting the viewers’ imagination by forcing them to search for the blue poles. Instead, the numerical names which artist always gave to the public provided the freedom to interpret and understand the art-work according to their temperament. That’s what, as said, was the essence of a drip painting.

It was purchased by the Australian government in 1973 for a then staggering amount of $ 1.3 million. Today, the estimated price is between US$20 million to US$100 million.

Pollock was one of the few fortunate painters (another was Pablo Picasso) in the history of art, whose artworks were sold in millions during their lifetime. Thus, making them rich, too.


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