Paysage De Riviere by Edmond Charles Joseph Yon

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Paysage De Riviere by Edmond Charles Joseph Yon

Painting NamePaysage De Riviere
Painter NameEdmond Charles Joseph Yon
Size68 x 48 cm (26.77" x 18.9")
Current LocationPrivate collection

Oil on canvas is a frequently used medium for dramatic sceneries, but subtle ones like these usually come in pastel, watercolor and other softer mediums. However, Edmond Yon was a master at bringing out multiple kinds of effects in oil on canvas. The serene waterbed is one of the most striking sceneries, leaving you stalled for a little fantasy. Serene places like these definitely hold a palpable degree of therapeutic value, while it can be fascinating to experience them right there. Paysage De Riviere is a piece of art with enough telling that even someone completely unguarded can enjoy the place all by herself.

While I remained a witness to the beauty of this painting for minutes, it precipitously slid into my list of favorites. Happy and thoughtful moods rarely occur in tandem for someone looking at just one painting patiently. However, Paysage De Riviere brings in you a unique sense of stimulation, which is magically inseparable from your physical desires. Sitting by the water or taking a nap on the knoll area can be just what you need before freshening up to attend a European evening party. Moreover, the cleanliness in the atmosphere probably needs no description because of the way Yon has stroked the canvas.

With the colors Yon uses in this painting, you can almost smell how it feels there. Besides, bringing out the maximum from sceneries like this is something only artists of Yon’s caliber can do. The vegetation has not been incorporated into the foreground to add beauty deliberately, but it just happens to do so despite their wild and un-pruned nature. While the place seems too quiet and desolate for the some, the little houses on the bank tells me this is the perfect place to find your like-minded nature-loving friends, especially if you love quiet neighborhoods.


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