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This week’s art update brings pretty huge news like a recovered Renoir painting, Important Titian exhibition which is going to held at the end of 2015 but enthusiasts can’t wait due to its importance, $25 million balloon, extremely rare Banksy work which you could own and a massive 200 million pound art auction.

A $7 painting turned out to be 135 years old stolen Renoir art-work

When the thief takes away an original painting from a museum or from the owner’s house, what do they think?

That, in the time of fine forgery in which you won’t be able to believe which piece is real and which is not, people would believe him that his art-work is the original piece? He would need authentic documents to prove even in the black market. And most probably, a thief would run away after grabbing the painting.

In the end, they turn out to be selling the ‘authentic piece’ for regular paintings.

Though, it is not always the case in every stolen paintings as there are skillful documents forgers are also available. But, that was the case with French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s painting.

Paysage bord du Seine

Paysage bord du Seine (On the Shore of the Seine) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

His 1879’s art-work called Paysage bord du Seine (On the Shore of the Seine) was safe in the Baltimore Museum of Art until 1951 when a still-unknown thief sneaked away from the building with the painting.

More than 60 years later, a woman brought the painting for mere $7 from a local market and realized that it was an authentic piece from Renoir. She tried to sell it in an auction with base price of $100,000.

Unfortunate for her, a reporter from Washington Post dig out about the painting that it was the authentic painting of Baltimore Museum and the museum still owns the papers.

It’s a huge rediscovery and fills up the blank space in Renoir’s oeuvre.


A very important Titian exhibition is coming to Prague

First of all, it will be held between September, 2015 to January, 2016. Yes, it is a long time. But, the thing to get excited for the art-lovers is that it is going to include some of the earliest versions of  the renaissance master Titian’s famous works. All would be authentic, no copies.

Critics and art-lovers are excited as they would get the chance to see the master’s work closely and also will get the chance to understand how he delivered his masterpieces gradually. The earlier versions (Prime Version) would let us to understand the artist’s whole progress including mistakes an revamps.

A whole new pack of knowledge of the renaissance master’s art-works is going to be public. That’s the excitement.


$25 million, a balloon

In this entry, there are two things to understand first: Pop Art and Jeff Koons.

You might have probably heard both of them. Both are popular. Andy Warhol kind of invented the Pop art during 60s and 70s with his popular paintings like Eight Elvises and Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster). After his humongous success, many artists followed pop art which is seemingly distinct than the regular customs of arts and painting. Many failed, some succeeded.

Right now, the most successful pop artist is the American artist Jeff Koons. What’s his mastery? Balloons.

Not regular balloons, obviously. If you don’t know his name, you probably have seen his works though:

Balloon Dog (Orange) by Jeff Koons

Balloon Dog (Orange) by Jeff Koons


Tulips by Jeff Koons

Tulips by Jeff Koons

The first one is called Balloon Dog (Orange) which was sold for $58.4 million in November, 2013. The second one is simply called Tulips.

Jeff Koons is admired a lot. Both by the art-lovers and art-buyers. Now, his latest work is much more complex than his previous productions. It is a 7 feet tall balloon statue of cartoon character Popeye.

Popeye by Jeff Koons

It seems much more intricate than his previous art-works and is an icon in cartoon culture. Maybe that’s why the piece is poised to make around $25 million in the upcoming auction held by Sotheby.


An “extremely rare” piece by Banksy could be yours, partially

A work hand-painted by the popular anonymous graffiti artist Banksy is offered to public in a share-buying scheme. The price of each share is 350 pounds and you could own as much as you want.

The piece is called “Daddy’s Back.”

Daddy's Back by Banksy

The organizers of the offer are claiming that for last 3 years they have served 6,000 customers with around 30% of return.

Offer is interesting enough for a new buyer to invest in arts.


One of the biggest art sale of the year

If you are an investor with bags full of money, then here is a big opportunity for you.

In May, Christie’s are holding a massive art-sale in New York whose estimated prise is around 200 million pounds and adds art-world’s biggest names like Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Francis Bacon and aforementioned Jeff Koons.

The works which are going to be sold are:

Jim Beam-J.B.Turner Train stainless steel and bourbon by Jeff Koons

“Jim Beam-J.B.Turner Train stainless steel and bourbon” by Jeff Koons aimed for 20 million pounds


Number 5 (Elegant Lady) by Jackson Pollock

Number 5 (Elegant Lady) (1951) by Jackson Pollock

Three Studies For A Portrait Of John Edwards by Francis Bacon

Three Studies For A Portrait Of John Edwards by Francis Bacon

Race Riots by Andy Warhol

Race Riots by Andy Warhol, expected to fetch 30 million pounds


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