Glory of Venice by Felix Ziem

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Glory of Venice by Felix Ziem

Painting NameGlory of Venice
Painter NameFelix Ziem
Place of CreationItaly, Venice
Size77.5 x 55.3 cm (30.51" x 21.77")
Current LocationPrivate collection

Felix Ziam takes a new angel in depicting Venice’s noticeable place of Bacino de San Marco, an important port from where Venice’s most overseas business was handled.

In Venice, it’s like every building is historical and each them has its own intriguing history to know about. Here, the building on the left is called Punta Della Dogana (point of customs). As the name suggests, the building was used for managing the affairs of overseas business. It looked after the ships bringing and carrying away the goods from the city. Thus, it was the epicenter of the oversea business for the city which was a main point to increase the city’s wealth in many ways.

On the right, in the far background, the visible buildings are sat on another island (Venice has many islands around it), San Giorgio Maggiore. The tower is a bell-tower which has a different name in Italian, Campanile, meaning the stand-alone tower. The big structure with a dome is named Chiesa di San Giorgio Maggiore (Church of San Giorgio Maggiore). The isle has a history of being an artillery centre to a library experiencing various incidents and happenings from the times of 829 when it fell in the zone of Venice after the foundation of the city.

About the big boats in the middle painted with dark colors are the long-ships, which were used for the transportation in overseas. We can also see the gondolas sailing around, which are used for the intercity transport or travel.

In every painting of Venice, Felix Ziam has tried to include the maximum details and the element upon which we can derive a full allegory of the place. We get interested and recall the history of the place. Thus, the painting keeps us connected with the glorious history of the city, just like the title of the painting tells us.


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