On the Venetian Lagoon by Felix Ziem

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On the Venetian Lagoon by Felix Ziem
Felix Ziem’s beloved city, Venice comes again in his work, in which he developed his artistic skill and kept visiting annually for many years. As if the beauty of the city had some kind of magic spread on his mind.

Painting NameOn the Venetian Lagoon
Painter NameFelix Ziem
Place of CreationItaly, Venice
Current LocationPrivate collection

In his series depicting Venice in many different angels and searching out the beautiful landscapes, in this particular painting, the view is a little bit afar from the main city. The Gondola (small intercity boats of Venice to travel small distances) is travelling in the outskirt of the city after which the large sea of Adriatic is spread to horizon. But the buffer zone between the city and the sea is called the Lagoon, which is safe to sail in.

A family has ride upon the gondola for a long sail around the city. A girl is sitting inside the little room built on the boat. The sailor pushing the oar and the travellers enjoying the sail seems to be an auspicious sign, the sign of happiness and calmness.

The tower in the backdrop is called Campanile in Italian, a stand-alone bell-tower. The dome beside the tower could be one of the plague-churches of Venice.

In the effort to encompass all the views and happenings his beloved city, Felix doesn’t seem to forget even the little things like sailing on a boat.



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