Sur le quai des Esclavons Venise by Felix Ziem

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Sur le quai des Esclavons Venise by Felix Ziem

Painting NameSur le quai des Esclavons Venise
Painter NameFelix Ziem
Place of CreationItaly, Venice
Size63 x 83 cm (24.8" x 32.68")
Current LocationPrivate collection

The beautiful and significant landscape of the Venice’ waterfront called Riva degli Schiavoni in English is very crowded place in modern times or should I say over-crowded. People love to take a walk on the pavement near the river for a fresh air.

But the history of this place is large due to the prominent building resting beside the bank of the river. The nearest building in the painting on the right built with a Venetian gothic style is called Doge’s palace. Many people may walk by it today without knowing the historical importance of the building. It was the building from where the Venetian republic was governed. It was built by Doge Angelo Partecipazio as he found the need of moving the government from the island of Malamocco to the present location of the palace. This palace was built and then had many reconstructions throughout the centuries.

The tower which seems to be a part of the palace is actually built at the backdrop. It is just a simple bell-tower. If we come from the tower to the river, there we can see the two pillars just near the river. They are kind of gates to enter the city. The building behind it with a tower is used as a library today. Artist has chosen wisely to depict the riverfront with the inclusion of a historical importance. This kind of selection of places gives the painting a historical importance and makes the viewer more intrigued to know about it.

The boat in the front with a man standing is called the gondola. Yes, the same gondolas in which the people sails around the city of water. Today, there most use is to sail tourist around the city and has left as resemblance of the history. But in old times, gondolas were the main ships to travel into the river for fishing. Maybe the person in the picture has come back from his detour of the river, as some people have gathered around his boat to unload the goods.

There are another two versions of the same location (Gondole quittant le quai des Escvalons Venise & Gondoles devant le Quai Des Esclavons) by same artist with much more clearer environment in which the details of the building-line is clearly recognizable. Such depictions of the important places or events, fortunately, don’t let us to forget our glorious history, from which we have learned a lot about improving our lives.


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